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Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit

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Natalie Babbit has written an eventual classic, which to me stand for something.  Often nowadays, people will label something as an instant classic, which I am afraid is used too loosely and to broad.  In fact, I think that instant classic, in itself is an oxymoron.  To be a classic, the thing pointed to must stand the test of time.

The wonderful and relatively short-story (although it isn’t labelled a formal short story) there are so many things that Natalie Babbit does to get a foot into the door of your mind.  Winifred, Milo, Jesse and the Tuck’s along with the man in the yellow suit pose not just an engaging story of discovery and fantasy, but moreso of ideals as far as ethics, virtues and abilities. 

Questions like:

Should anybody live in this life forever?

When is it okay to push the limits of parental control?

When do we trust others?

Are there times when the “law of the land” doesn’t impose fairness and what can you do about it?

In Tuck Everlasting, tens and hundreds of questions are posed in the minds of the ready to determine where the footing of the reader is.  Where do you stand when considering the right and wrong of the given situation.

Clearly, the the story of Winifred, it isn’t difficult to understand where she views and does what she does, dispite the gray area she may drift into in making good moral decisions.  This book, though simple and great for young readers as well as adults, should penetrate deeper into the considerations of the mind. 

The crowning lesson for me personally is that life is intended to be temporary and because of that, life can be rich and valued – even in the good or bad times.  Life does end (this life) and your legacy can enrich those who will be bequithed your influence.

Watch the movie too – a bit different in the exact following of the book’s reading, but the story is told from end to end.


Learning Through Books – Independent Mastery

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This is my first entry about my love for learning, especially where books are concerned. I have hundreds of volumes at my house that I read, reread, skim and thoroughly enjoy. Although I am not a big fictional reader, I do have my share of Grisham, Brown, even Tolkien. Learning is at the core of who I am and sharing ideas, creating them, coming together with others to think is a passion that I have. Much of mainstream media is governed by the powers that BE (be what, who knows), so I am also very interesting in the efforts of the regular Joe. Now the special stuff is what comes from the thinker who spends her time developing a theory, process or design, tests it, tries it and then is able to share that, to some degree, to the masses – and then, because of the great effort, time and trouble put into this thought and way, she becomes mainstream. One of the most recent examples of this, to me, comes from a fictional writer – Stephanie Meyer. Wow, has she gone from the college grad with a degree in English to the superstar fictional writer that has blown past those who are stale in their way of thinking, right down the road to Hollywood. This independent thinker is the type or writer and person, frankly, that I am looking for. If you know of anybody like that – who is just consumed by having a thought that can be taken to new heights, especially as a book or just an article – maybe an ebook (my new favorite) or e-book, however your like to read it – please share

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March 8, 2009 at 4:42 am