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Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit

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Natalie Babbit has written an eventual classic, which to me stand for something.  Often nowadays, people will label something as an instant classic, which I am afraid is used too loosely and to broad.  In fact, I think that instant classic, in itself is an oxymoron.  To be a classic, the thing pointed to must stand the test of time.

The wonderful and relatively short-story (although it isn’t labelled a formal short story) there are so many things that Natalie Babbit does to get a foot into the door of your mind.  Winifred, Milo, Jesse and the Tuck’s along with the man in the yellow suit pose not just an engaging story of discovery and fantasy, but moreso of ideals as far as ethics, virtues and abilities. 

Questions like:

Should anybody live in this life forever?

When is it okay to push the limits of parental control?

When do we trust others?

Are there times when the “law of the land” doesn’t impose fairness and what can you do about it?

In Tuck Everlasting, tens and hundreds of questions are posed in the minds of the ready to determine where the footing of the reader is.  Where do you stand when considering the right and wrong of the given situation.

Clearly, the the story of Winifred, it isn’t difficult to understand where she views and does what she does, dispite the gray area she may drift into in making good moral decisions.  This book, though simple and great for young readers as well as adults, should penetrate deeper into the considerations of the mind. 

The crowning lesson for me personally is that life is intended to be temporary and because of that, life can be rich and valued – even in the good or bad times.  Life does end (this life) and your legacy can enrich those who will be bequithed your influence.

Watch the movie too – a bit different in the exact following of the book’s reading, but the story is told from end to end.


It Is All About Metabolism

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Learn All The Tricks and Tips Of Increase Your Fat Burning, Metabolism

Learn All The Tricks and Tips Of Increase Your Fat Burning, Metabolism

The role of being healthy. It seems that most of my adult life I have been facing the difficult of maintaining the health and fitness that I once had it high school. This isn’t to say that I have been overweight for a long time or that I am abnormal – at least from what I can honestly assess.

I think the big deal is my relative approach, which for me is that I was a 5% body fat level in my Senior Year of high school and now I would say that I am floating very close to 30% – I shutter just to think about that.

So, what do you do? Since I love reading, I have pursued to understand the concepts of gaining weight and ways to lose weight in a very healthy manner. Among all of my reading , recently, I came across ebooks; ebooks that I can learn from and access at home, at work, on breaks, etc. Anyway, found this book for 8 bucks online and have found it to be very beneficial in learning the role of the metabolism.

As I have and am learning, as you are able to understand the metabolism and the use of your personal energy store in the utilization of burning calories you can take steps to balance your calorie intake and the utilization of your resources. This book opened my eyes to ways to increase my metabolism while maintaining my current calorie intake – here are a few ideas I found in this ebook:

  • Start by understanding what a metabolic rate is – which is basically which is the rate at which an individual burns calories, base on the activity the individual. In this case, knowing your personal metabolic rate while resting is probably the best way to learn what options best assist you in increasing your metabolism.
  • Age, Sex, Height and Weight all are categorical pieces that create this resting metabolic rate.
  • Typically 70% of the metabolic rate is used daily through the “normal” bodily functions.
  • Here are ideas that I have generated from reading this book – ways to increase my metabolism:
  • Stand, don’t sit o Drink ice water (body want to maintain body temp – 98.6 degrees F
  • Keep moving – tap feet at your desk, move your arms and limbs while watching TV o Exercise in the cool weather – similar to the ice water concept
  • Stretch when you exercise – even the slow, methodical movements burn calories and strength building muscles
  • Consider where you calories are coming from – some calories create more energy than others (ie – the act of eating celery burn more calories that you can consume with that vegetable)

I have and am tracking my success of implementing and using many, many more concepts from this book, so you can share with me. Feel free to share other concepts you know of in this effort – maybe books, etc. If you are interested in getting your hands on this book – check it out here

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March 9, 2009 at 10:30 pm