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A Single Bomb

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A bit sobering today, despite the photographs being taken 65 years ago, to view newly revealed Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb photographs.

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Aftermath

Being a part of United States history, despite living or not living during the events, understanding the impact is crucial to better understand history in general and US history especially.  It is awesome, not the trendy definition, but in the formal.  The impact of a single bomb in the pictures is absolutely astonishing and I quickly get the feeling that no person or group of people should have such power to inflict such devistation. 

Obviously unalble to share the pics on my blog I will only link to them for you.

Watch and Learn


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August 6, 2010 at 5:35 pm

I Hate Arrogance!

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Hubris – Noun – arrogance, excessive pride, excessive self-confidence.

Exessive Arrogance

The Hubris Leader - Leading To Stage 1 Of Their Fall

As a quick sub-post to How The Mighty Fall, stage one of the fall, as Jim Collins puts it, is the evolution of hubris. The characterization of becoming overconfident in ones abilities, creating and “everything I touch turns to gold” type of approach to maintaining (although the hubris is not conducive to maintaining, so this is somewhat said tongue in cheek) or growing a business.

Can the hubris nature be at a lower level in the company? Typically not. In fact, it is usually quite the opposite. As with most structural situations where hubris exists, leading a company to an unhealthy confidence is usually an false emotion distilled by the top of the company.

The lower levels; those crunching the numbers, doing the market research or responding to the customers are those who first become unweary at the sight of such confidence, asking, “Do they really not see what could happen?” They are those presenting caution in their findings, but often falling on deaf ears of because those ears a this hubris filter that only allows findings and research that reinforces that great achievements of the company.

The leader is so confident that they are forward facing, that they mistake their vision for a mirror, presenting them only with historicals and blocking the actual view. Just as if they were driving their care with the hood up, the leader things that they drive well enough that they can still respond to any potential dangers, when in fact, their vary actions of allowing this to take place are a danger. It isn’t that they aren’t aware of the possible danger, they are actually promoting it.

As the story goes of the drive who is able to drive the vehicle over the mountain pass with treacherous terrains and at one point requires tremendous skill to take the vehicle through a narrow pass, where a mountain side is on one side and a stark cliff falls off immediately on the other. The owner of the product that needs to make it over the pass interviews drivers with most expressing how close they can come to the edge without falling off, while one drive expresses that he will do everything to stay as far away from the edge as possible. Of course the interviewer goes with the “safest” solution.

Many hubris situation have a “pushing the envelop” sort of approach” (not result), which is what poses the danger. This arrogance has a precondition of success, regardless of the field and often leads to a lack of preparation or a reckless disregard of the facts and cautions.

Often these hubris leaders throw the lower level employee, expressing caution and restraint, under the bus and in some cases label them as not being a team player or not fit for the company.

Good for the employee, they have the chance to find the right leadership and avoid the painful fall into stage one and likely onto stage two of Jim Collin’s description.

More opinions to come.

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April 2, 2010 at 6:18 pm

Tribes – Leadership

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The book Tribes by Seth Godin at first blush was just another book that is trying to take a new angle on an old topic.  There is so much on leadership available to read that rehashes the same ideas (albiet with a different style of communicating with each author).

Book Review

Book Review

I personally enjoy Mr. Godin’s work and his style, so of course, I purchased the book to see what else he has to say on the topic.

Now, I am not going to say that I learn an brand new way of thinking or see, however I am going to say that the clarity of exploring leadership and the art of leading really developed in my mind by considering the core of Mr. Godin’s message.  Challenging the status quo is not a new idea, however utilizing abnormalities of acceptance in a way that is acceptable to you and even instigates enthusiasm and excitement is the key and solution that most are unwilling to approach.

Developing a “following” is not the same as  what Mr. Godin indicates is a “tribe”.  A following are those willing to listen and attend, however there is a new level with tribes, since these people are willing to act, explore and produce accoridngly.  The topic really doesn’t matter and we are not just talking about business.

Building atribe starts with YOU.  It is you interest, your promotion and your drive that builds other to be intrigued to follow and then you continued challenge that drives changes that engage followers to join the tribe.

Conceptually the topic is very apparent and considering Mr. Godin’s examples, the results appear to be very promising and possible.  It is worth exploring the people referred to and through your own analytical approach, contrasting their experience to your own and obviously, identifying the opportunities.

I would definitely recommend this book to those with the patience to not just read, but considering through repeated study the application, defining the application and pursuing the experiment of adapting it.  This is not a book for those who just want to be presented an idea to add to their bank of knowledge.

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October 9, 2009 at 6:33 pm

It Is All About Metabolism

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Learn All The Tricks and Tips Of Increase Your Fat Burning, Metabolism

Learn All The Tricks and Tips Of Increase Your Fat Burning, Metabolism

The role of being healthy. It seems that most of my adult life I have been facing the difficult of maintaining the health and fitness that I once had it high school. This isn’t to say that I have been overweight for a long time or that I am abnormal – at least from what I can honestly assess.

I think the big deal is my relative approach, which for me is that I was a 5% body fat level in my Senior Year of high school and now I would say that I am floating very close to 30% – I shutter just to think about that.

So, what do you do? Since I love reading, I have pursued to understand the concepts of gaining weight and ways to lose weight in a very healthy manner. Among all of my reading , recently, I came across ebooks; ebooks that I can learn from and access at home, at work, on breaks, etc. Anyway, found this book for 8 bucks online and have found it to be very beneficial in learning the role of the metabolism.

As I have and am learning, as you are able to understand the metabolism and the use of your personal energy store in the utilization of burning calories you can take steps to balance your calorie intake and the utilization of your resources. This book opened my eyes to ways to increase my metabolism while maintaining my current calorie intake – here are a few ideas I found in this ebook:

  • Start by understanding what a metabolic rate is – which is basically which is the rate at which an individual burns calories, base on the activity the individual. In this case, knowing your personal metabolic rate while resting is probably the best way to learn what options best assist you in increasing your metabolism.
  • Age, Sex, Height and Weight all are categorical pieces that create this resting metabolic rate.
  • Typically 70% of the metabolic rate is used daily through the “normal” bodily functions.
  • Here are ideas that I have generated from reading this book – ways to increase my metabolism:
  • Stand, don’t sit o Drink ice water (body want to maintain body temp – 98.6 degrees F
  • Keep moving – tap feet at your desk, move your arms and limbs while watching TV o Exercise in the cool weather – similar to the ice water concept
  • Stretch when you exercise – even the slow, methodical movements burn calories and strength building muscles
  • Consider where you calories are coming from – some calories create more energy than others (ie – the act of eating celery burn more calories that you can consume with that vegetable)

I have and am tracking my success of implementing and using many, many more concepts from this book, so you can share with me. Feel free to share other concepts you know of in this effort – maybe books, etc. If you are interested in getting your hands on this book – check it out here

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March 9, 2009 at 10:30 pm

eBooks – The New Fountain Of Learning

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Learning has become more accessible, quicker and less costly. Where common resources have restricted potential learners in the past, the ebook turns yesterday’s library on its ear, allowing libraries of information to fit in your pocket.

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February 27, 2009 at 5:51 am