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Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit

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Natalie Babbit has written an eventual classic, which to me stand for something.  Often nowadays, people will label something as an instant classic, which I am afraid is used too loosely and to broad.  In fact, I think that instant classic, in itself is an oxymoron.  To be a classic, the thing pointed to must stand the test of time.

The wonderful and relatively short-story (although it isn’t labelled a formal short story) there are so many things that Natalie Babbit does to get a foot into the door of your mind.  Winifred, Milo, Jesse and the Tuck’s along with the man in the yellow suit pose not just an engaging story of discovery and fantasy, but moreso of ideals as far as ethics, virtues and abilities. 

Questions like:

Should anybody live in this life forever?

When is it okay to push the limits of parental control?

When do we trust others?

Are there times when the “law of the land” doesn’t impose fairness and what can you do about it?

In Tuck Everlasting, tens and hundreds of questions are posed in the minds of the ready to determine where the footing of the reader is.  Where do you stand when considering the right and wrong of the given situation.

Clearly, the the story of Winifred, it isn’t difficult to understand where she views and does what she does, dispite the gray area she may drift into in making good moral decisions.  This book, though simple and great for young readers as well as adults, should penetrate deeper into the considerations of the mind. 

The crowning lesson for me personally is that life is intended to be temporary and because of that, life can be rich and valued – even in the good or bad times.  Life does end (this life) and your legacy can enrich those who will be bequithed your influence.

Watch the movie too – a bit different in the exact following of the book’s reading, but the story is told from end to end.


A Library In Your Hand|iPAD

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Okay, the iPad.  I know the hype and people will avoid the hype just because it is hype, but for the book-lover, the iPad is a dream.  It is untouchable and it will force all of the Nooks, SonyReaders, Kindle’s and the tens of other knock-offs, to become better, quicker, lighter, more compatible.

Sony Reader

I have a SonyReader which I think is rather amazing on it’s own.  I like the clarity, I enjoy the capacity.  There are a few problems with the reader that hit at the heard of what I love about the iPad.  The SonyReader’s battery life is mediocre.  The page turning is okay – it functions, but is okay.  And relatively speaking, the SonyReader to the iPad, well, it is simply slow!

Sony is a strong designer, but they are not the innovator they used to be.  Apple is the innovator and the approach to pushing change and improvement is at the center of why this company is growing on me.  Apple as a whole still has their own hills to climb in order to compete with a Windows flexibility, at least as the end user is concerned, but with the entire “Apps” platform growing, they are showing promise.

The iPad is fast, clear, has tremendous capacity and expansive flexibility.  The computing world is being turned on its ear with the change and approach.  It can’t be seen as just a tablet.  It is not a cumbersome laptop with a touchscreen – not even close.  It is light, simply and powerful with a touchscreen . . . a huge difference.  When looking from the book lover’s perspective, the library that the iPad can be is mind boggling.  Literally, I think that there could be a bigger issue in

Apple iPad

knowing how to find books in a hand held library that can hold tens, if not hundreds of thousands of books.  Wow.  The iPad is not just a library though.

Accessories like a stylus, a docking station, a VGA connector and bluetooth wireless keyboards that are compatible with the iPad really make this a workstation.  Now, not all is solved with Apple’s new little prize.  There aren’t any optical drives and there aren’t ways to load just any program on the iPad, however for the 80 to 90% of work that is done on a computer, the iPad can do that.  Wordprocessing, spreadsheets, presentations, surfing, email, music, blogging, designing (minimal), photo editing and several more.

I love my iPad and would recommend it over and over and over again.  I just wish I had Apple stock before they announce it.

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April 30, 2010 at 7:29 pm

Escaping the 9 to 5 – I LOVE THIS BOOK!

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The Four Hour Work Week – What a freakin concept!



I recall seeing this book on the bookshelf at a Borders and thought, “yeah right, who is gonna fall for that?”  I, of course, didn’t buy the book and didn’t even consider it, the title was way to unrealistic and far beyond achieving, except for some heir to a fortune, which I am not.  I don’t know what book I bought that day, but I am sure it was some educational, “how-to”, mechanical book on climbing the ranks or mustering the courage to be just different enough to leave the dungeon of corporate expectation and take a chance in order to climb the ranks.

Holy cow, was I wrong.  A close friend MONTHS later said he picked up this book and read it and found Tim Ferriss to be a fascinating personality, presenting a concept that is not far fetched and in fact is rather logical in so many ways.  The premise being that we all think that there is a magic number out there that we need to get to in order to say, “Yes, I have made it, I can now do nothing for the rest of my days.”  Mr. Ferriss says that this very common approach is a gross indication of a strong desire to be lazy, not to live the life you wish to live.

Living the life you dream about and say “wouldn’t it be nice” or try to image what that thing/place/freedom/etc would feel like is what Mr. Ferriss calls Lifestyle Design or basically, creating the circumstances that all you to be, do and go where whatever you want.  It isn’t the million bucks that you want, it is what the million bucks will do for you that you want; and in most cases, you don’t really need a million bucks to achieve what you really want.

Don’t be the “fat man in the red BMW”.  The concept of the corporate employee who is climbing the ranks, who buys the fancy BMW because it is the cool new car (not necessarily the car he wants) and ends up fat because he spends his 80 hours a week at work and only drives the fancy car to and from work.  This indicator has been adopted by my friend and I in order to remind each other where we want to go (in life) and how we want to live it.

That is truely the basis of Mr. Ferriss’s work – Living the life that you would like to live.  What kind of time freedom are you looking for and what lifestyle do you want to maintain in order to achieve that  freedom (essentially, how much money, if you break it down to the penny, do you need to earn in order to get there).  Consider how little you would have to do; the least amount of time and effort to establish that lifestyle.  This isn’t a substitute for being lazy, in fact this is just the opposite.  The Lifestyle Design of the New Rich (NR) is to free up your time from doing the things you don’t want to do, so you can spend the maximum amount of your time doing what you want to do.

I have personally adopting a new approach to my current “job” and how I spend my time there in order to get to where I want to go with my time and money.  I see things changing and hope to publish a case study for Mr. Ferriss when the day arrives.

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