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A New STARR Report

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Kenneth Starr is in the news yet again, but this time he is not the bulldog and authoritative and appointed resource we all should listen to.  Instead, he balances on a new point of contention, a possible ponzi scheme.

Nobody is immune from the temptation to pull a Bernie Madoff, no matter how much in in the spot light you are, greed

Kenneth Starr

and pressures to perform come crushing in and the option to pay to some clients with other clients investment seems okay.  After all, you will be able to make up that money and nobody will know, right?

Well, as the news breaks and as the pieces unfold Ken Starr will have some answering to do.  The suspected ponzi program appears to have grown to $30 million according to Zach Lowe of Law.com.

My question is, how will investors ever be able to know if their investment is legitimate.  The free market is prone to mischief.  It is great to catch the thief, but there is little or no relief to the victim when the only justice is their money back in their bank accounts.

Let’s see how another potential schemer plays out!


Written by ebookwisdom

June 8, 2010 at 5:17 pm

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