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4-Hour Work Week

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Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss has done so well promoting his philosophy and after reading his book The Four Hour Work Week, belief that you could actually have a 4 hour work week had more definition.  Read my initial thoughts here.

Tim has extended his book or revised it with new information, however today’s comments only address the four hours discussed in the book.  Four hours to make a living seem somewhat improbable.  Really, can you support yourself, let alone a family by putting in four hours, mostly spent outsourcing to others?

Certainly the feasibility is a rare opportunity, however there is an unstated principle that Tim talks about and it glaring to the reader who is paying attention.  The four hours of work, is the time you must spend working, doing thing that you must do and probably don’t want to.  It is the paper pushing, the phone calls, the organization, the number crunching,

Four Hour Work Week Expanded and Updated

whatever it is that you don’t really like to do.  This is the work that you must put in, even if you aren’t enjoying it.

The remainder of the time you spend creating the necessary income is not really work.  Most professional athletes will comment on how lucky they really are to “play” for money.  They are grateful for their opportunities and recognize that they are the uncommon.  This does not mean that they don’t spend time and significant effort doing what makes them money.  They may spend four hours a week working at the parts of their job they prefer not to do, but he remainder of the time that makes money is doing what they love and thoroughly enjoy.

That is the answers – the four hour work week is not a week where you spend four hours working and could sit on the couch the rest of the time doing nothing!  No.  The four hours are the hours you must spend doing and outsourcing the stuff you don’t like.  The rest of your time is spent doing the stuff your really do like!

Find what you love to spend your time doing, making money in the process of doing that or those things, and the effort become enjoyable.  You no longer work 40 or 50 hours a week doing stuff you could really care less doing.  You spend 4 hours of that stuff and the other time is spend enjoying your time doing what you like.

Put that in you smoke and pipe it!


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May 11, 2010 at 4:51 pm

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