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A Library In Your Hand|iPAD

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Okay, the iPad.  I know the hype and people will avoid the hype just because it is hype, but for the book-lover, the iPad is a dream.  It is untouchable and it will force all of the Nooks, SonyReaders, Kindle’s and the tens of other knock-offs, to become better, quicker, lighter, more compatible.

Sony Reader

I have a SonyReader which I think is rather amazing on it’s own.  I like the clarity, I enjoy the capacity.  There are a few problems with the reader that hit at the heard of what I love about the iPad.  The SonyReader’s battery life is mediocre.  The page turning is okay – it functions, but is okay.  And relatively speaking, the SonyReader to the iPad, well, it is simply slow!

Sony is a strong designer, but they are not the innovator they used to be.  Apple is the innovator and the approach to pushing change and improvement is at the center of why this company is growing on me.  Apple as a whole still has their own hills to climb in order to compete with a Windows flexibility, at least as the end user is concerned, but with the entire “Apps” platform growing, they are showing promise.

The iPad is fast, clear, has tremendous capacity and expansive flexibility.  The computing world is being turned on its ear with the change and approach.  It can’t be seen as just a tablet.  It is not a cumbersome laptop with a touchscreen – not even close.  It is light, simply and powerful with a touchscreen . . . a huge difference.  When looking from the book lover’s perspective, the library that the iPad can be is mind boggling.  Literally, I think that there could be a bigger issue in

Apple iPad

knowing how to find books in a hand held library that can hold tens, if not hundreds of thousands of books.  Wow.  The iPad is not just a library though.

Accessories like a stylus, a docking station, a VGA connector and bluetooth wireless keyboards that are compatible with the iPad really make this a workstation.  Now, not all is solved with Apple’s new little prize.  There aren’t any optical drives and there aren’t ways to load just any program on the iPad, however for the 80 to 90% of work that is done on a computer, the iPad can do that.  Wordprocessing, spreadsheets, presentations, surfing, email, music, blogging, designing (minimal), photo editing and several more.

I love my iPad and would recommend it over and over and over again.  I just wish I had Apple stock before they announce it.


Written by ebookwisdom

April 30, 2010 at 7:29 pm

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