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The Snowball – Warren Buffet’s Authorized Biography

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Warren Buffet and the Business of Life

Warren Buffet and the Business of Life

Part 1

I have been listening to this book, impressed with the set up to this point. I am writing this from the incomplete perspective, so I expect to have several entries.

Through Chapter 9, this is a power display of where Mr. Buffett came from. I don’t know about you, but why people are successful, doesn’t come from extra ordinary ways and god-given talents or abilities. I think that the exceptional production and success has to do so much with who they become and decisions they make, usually earlier in their lives.

In the case of Mr. Buffet, it is interesting to read how he quickly gained an interest in the hobby of money – just like some collect stamps or games or bugs (for some of his age at the time). Reading that Mr. Buffet started early in selling golf balls and newspapers. He began to understand how he was making money and to explore how money can be used to make more. It wasn’t uncommon for Warren to be able to able to have access to go to and view the stock trading markets in the market where trading money is the paramount purpose of the meeting of these men and women.

Considering Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers we can apply something of what Mr. Gladwell saw in the abnormal success. In this case, the unusual access to money trading environments, being able to observe and watch and clearly become intrigued by what took place. Mr. Buffet’s understanding at his age to remotely understand what took place with the change of ownership and the growth of money planted a growing desire to know and try.

This patient approach to learning, understanding and expecting exactness with what the principles began teaching. As noted, Mr. Buffet as a young man, learning from the money he was earning that if he could earn a certain return on this money earned, he could earn at a certain rate to a certain production. In reading a book on money making – One Thousand Ways to make $1000 – FC Minaker (Editor). Through this childhood favorite book, he was destined to work his way through growing value and making money. Again, like a hobby, not necessarily a love for money, Mr. Buffet began to explore all of the possibilities – but not just that, he acted upon his thinking to prove what he was learning.

The only catch so far . . . this is not a free book or even a free ebook.


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March 11, 2009 at 6:40 pm

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